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Superior bottom line thread

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Handsome, black guy did not go to the gym because he wanted. Bottom line has a silky finish that allows it to slide, not grab, to form the perfect stitch. When i read the reviews it didn't seem that people were using this thread. It is very versatile and can be used in many applications.

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I was amazed at how much thread wound on one bobbin. It was designed by an award winning quilter named libby lehman. Additionally, the ideal look for a bikini competitor is more aligned with what mainstream media currently considers an ideal body type.

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Bottom line is fantastic for micro-stippling and english paper piecing. Superior bottom line thread makes a fantastic bobbin thread for any type of sewing. You can even use the ebay app to superior bottom line thread for items with paypal on your mobile. It is great for quilting, but that is not what you were using it for.


I was o excited to try it out that i totally forgot to readjust the tension on my machine. In superior bottom line thread. I have heard such great things about this thread - bottom line by superior threads - so i bought a spool of light gray to use in my bobbin for piecing.